Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Superhero Halloween!

We're on a big superhero kick in this house.  Whenever Isaiah watches The Incredibles or sees a superhero on TV, he assumes what I like to call "the stance" and sings his little superhero theme song before quickly demonstrating his karate chop or high kick skills.  He runs around the house with a dish towel tied around his neck, claiming to be Superman.  He crashes his toy helicopter and as the little Batman figure comes crashing to the ground, he will holler "Batman fall!  Copter crash!!" 

Still, neither Superman nor Batman would be the one to capture his imagination and fascination for Halloween this year.  When given the choice, my boy whole-heartedly decided he had to be....


I can't wait to see how cute he's going to look with those muscles and that adorable mask!

As for Micah....he fits into the Buzz Lightyear costume that Isaiah wore last year

Micah was 7 weeks old at the time.  It fits him now.

Lord have mercy.

What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year?  How about you?

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