Saturday, October 9, 2010

Isaiah's Birthday List

My little boy is going to be three years old next month.  THREE.  He's going to be talking even more than he already is.  He's going to want to learn to ride a tricycle.  He's going to want to start doing more "big boy" things.

I'm scared. 

Since making lists are what I do, I've whipped up a handy dandy wish list for Isaiah's birthday for those of you who read this blog that are going to be joining us for his football-themed birthday party (invitation will be coming on soon) on November 14th!

The List
Superhero capes and costumes:  wait until after Halloween to score some great costumes at super-cheap prices.
Undies (size 3T or 4T)
Pajamas (size 4T)
Winter gear - 3T  (Winter coat, snowpants, boots size 8, gloves, hat, etc.)
Winter and spring clothing - 3T
Shoes (size 8)
Leapster Explorer and Games to go with it
Sports stuff (baseball glove, baseball, football, etc.)
Wii games (Mario Kart, Toy Story 3, or other age-appropriate games)

Is there anything you've found is PERFECT for a three year old that is missing from this list?

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