Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summer of 2005

Every year at American Players Theatre, there is a tradition.  On closing night, the last show at the theatre "up the hill," the entire APT family is invited to the stage to take a bow for a job well done and another successful season.  It's usually cold on that October closing night, but it never fails that the shivering audience drops their blankets and pounds thunderous applause with their mittened hands as the stage fills with prop masters, wig interns, sound techs, concession managers, gift shop workers, house staff, stage managers, and administative workers.  For those few glorious moments, the actors share the spotlight with everyone who helps make magic at the theatre in the woods. 

(Closing Night - October 3rd, 2010)

I will never forget the time I got to join them. 

In the summer of 2005, I landed an internship that was the stuff of dreams.  I worked as an administrative intern that summer and performed duties that varied from grunt work (data entry, hauling ice, cleaning up donor events) to creative design work.  I researched, compliled and designed the study guides for The Merry Wives of Windsor and Macbeth.  I helped keep David Daniel organized and assisted him in his educational workshops.  I got a hug from Jim DeVita.  I attended opening and closing parties.  I parked in the employee lot.  I cried at my exit interview.

I went up on stage on closing night.  It was a summer I will never forget.  Every time I hike back up the hill to usher, I remember that summer.  It is still a hope of mine that one day I will again get to join the rest of the APT family on stage on closing night.

Thank you for another great season, APT.  And thanks for the memories. 


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