Friday, October 1, 2010

To Three or Not to Three....

....that is the question. 

I know I want to have another baby when:
  • I tear up every stinking time I see a baby on a commercial or on a TV show.
  • Instead of doodling, I practice writing first names to see how well they flow with our last name.  I'm especially fond of doing this with girl's names.
  • Isaiah tells me he wants a baby sister.
  • Micah belly laughs, smiles, squeals, snuggles into the crook of my neck, gives me a kiss, or lights up when he sees me.
  • There's a distinct ache inside me that tells me someone is missing from our family. 
  • I see this face:

I'm positively ready to stop at two kids when:
  • I'm 28 minutes into the "just one bite" standoff with Isaiah and he is not budging.
  • I have a day like the one I wrote about in this post.  Actually, I was dang near ready to sell the kids I currently have after that day.
  • A 20 minute drive takes an hour when you factor in a stop for a potty break and having to pull over two times to retrieve a nuk that got chucked under the passenger seat. 
  • I realize that I would need to buy a new vehicle.
  • The numbers tell me I can't afford daycare for three kids.
  • Isaiah is throwing a tantrum at the same time Micah has banged his head on something (again) and needs me to stop the bleeding (again). 
But I became 100%, without a doubt, no going back, let's get this party started, ready to gain 30 pounds, bring on the minivan ready to have a third baby when I saw Isaiah do this last weekend:

And away we go!


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