Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Hooligans!

Before we had kids, I had to go to battle with my husband over Halloween.  For the longest time, he was absolutely adamant that Halloween had no place in our home and we would not celebrate it in any way.  It's just the way he was brought up - no costumes, no trick or treating.  He even stayed home from elementary school on the day of the costume parade. 

As for me, I grew up with a sister who was really into Halloween.  She would cover our basement with cobwebs, hang skeletons from our front porch, and make sure there was some kind of noise-making device by the front door.  We dressed up as zombies, witches, and all other manners of ghoulish creatures over the years. 

What it eventually came down to was that Evan took issue with that "dark" aspect of Halloween, which I totally get.  We reached a happy medium where I put out my cutesy little skeleton & his puppy candle holders, but he stuck to his guns about our own kids.

Until we had kids and he saw how cute those costumes can be. 

In 2008, Isaiah dressed as a monkey for his first Halloween and I had Evan hooked.

In 2009, we now had two little cuties to costume.  Isaiah was Buzz Lightyear and 7 week old Micah just did a themed "outfit" in lieu of a full-on infant costume.

This year, 2010, took the cake by far.  I had some serious Halloween cuteness on my hands.

And we did it in style too!  We attended a Halloween playdate on Friday and accepted an invite from our neighbor to go to a "Trunk or Treat" at her church.  Spiderman got very good at saying, "Trick or Treat!"

Don't worry, officers.  He's one of the good guys.

At first, Isaiah was too scared to go anywhere near Tony the Tiger, but the guy was nice enough to take the head off so he could see it was just a costume.  Isaiah was fine after that!

They had a bunch of games set up inside the church for the kids to do and score more candy and prizes.  Isaiah waited patiently in line to play one of them.  He got a little scared of a few of the more creepy costumes, but overall he really enjoyed it!

He also met with the pastor of the church Austin Powers!

Afterwards, we came back to our own 'hood to do some trick-or-treating on our street.  I had Isaiah go up to our own front door after we got out of the car and Evan swears that Isaiah had no idea it was his Daddy holding that candy bowl!  He was so fixated on his treats that he never even noticed who was holding it!

All in all, we had a blast this Halloween.  I gotta say a big "Thank You!" to my neighbor, Julie, for inviting us over for a playdate and then welcoming us to their church's awesome event. 

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