Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UPDATE - Chicago Hotel

After several people recommending Priceline to book a hotel for our trip to Chicago, we took the plunge!  It was very nerve-wracking for my Type A personality to enter my credit card info before I even knew where my money was going, but Evan convinced me to go for it! 

We ended up with a room at the Hotel Felix Chicago for $60 per night.  It's a couple blocks off Michigan Avenue, on West Huron St.  I find it kind of funny that this hotel's big hook is that they're the eco-friendly, natural hotel.  We're hardly the type to focus on a "green" vacation, but I guess we'll see what that turns out to look like in practice. 

Parking at the hotel will run us about $40 or we can try to find parking elsewhere.  I also have no idea how to even get to our hotel! 

This will certainly be an adventure.

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