Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harry Potter and the Swanky Cubicle

I wanted so badly to blog while we were in Chicago.  Heck, I was desperate to update my Facebook status or even submit a Chi-town related Tweet!  Alas, I promised myself I would not make any allusions via social networking to the fact we were in Chicago, just to make sure we were being as safe as possible. 

We dropped the kids off Sunday afternoon and went straight to movie theater to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Yes, I realize that was while we were still in Madison, but it was part of our vacation and this is my blog so I'll write whatever I want. 

Sorry, that was the Horcrux talking.  Excuse me while I change out of my dork pants so we both can move on with this increasingly ridiculous post.

Alrighty then, so we left at the butt crack of dawn Monday morning to be able to make it to Harvard, IL to catch the 9:35 am METRA to downtown Chicago.  We endured an agonizing conversation with an extremely obnoxious woman at the train station (TIP:  If the people you keep trying to talk to seem more interested in playing "Angry Birds" on their phone, abandon the conversation.) and made it safely to downtown Chicago. 

We snagged a cab (I felt so metropolitan) to our hotel and were pleased to find we would be able to check in early!  Bonus!  Feeling pretty good, we emerged from the elevators on the 11th floor of the Hotel Felix Chicago, slid our key in the door, and found this:


Take note of a couple things here.  There is about a foot and a half, tops, between the sides of that bed and the wall.  In this room, one could literally wake up and say, "I'm going to hop in the shower" and mean it literally. 

The desk was pushed up underneath the TV and the chair left about a foot or so of walking space between itself and the foot of the bed.  What you see there is the totality of our "moving around" space.  Oh, and check out the "closet" by the door on the right hand side there.  Nice, huh?

Despite the fact that the room was about the size of a cubicle, the bed was very comfy, the shower was quite nice, and the hotel was in a great location - only a few blocks off Michigan Ave and nearby to great places to eat (go to Orange on N Clark for breakfast and try the orange-infused coffee!).  Would we stay there again?  No way.  We definitely feel like we got hosed when Priceline lumped this joint in the the other 4 star hotels in the area. 

Stay tuned for our next episode, "Food, Floods, and Fish" for the low down on the rest of our adventure!

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