Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Here!!

My Project Life 2011 kit arrived on my doorstep today!  I am not even joking when I tell you that I did all of the following after finding the big, beautiful box from Amazon:
  • Took a photo of the open box with my phone then proceeded to Tweet and post to Facebook about the arrival of my kit.
  • Checked Becky Higgins' blog to see if the new photo divider pages are in yet and discovered she is already collecting photos of people showing off their kit boxes.
  • Told my husband he was going to have to take a photo of me with my Project Life box.
  • Hopped in the shower, did my hair, and actually put on makeup so I would look ok in my photo for Becky.
Yup, I'm just a little excited that it's here. Looks like you'll have another full year of photos coming at ya in 2011! 

Thinking about joining in the fun?  Check out the two gorgeous Project Life kits on Amazon and jump on in!

I think here is where I am supposed to remind you that when I provide you to a link to a product on Amazon, it's using the Amazon Associates Program where I would get a teeny, tiny, microscopic commission if you were to purchase said product.  Just so ya know!

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