Monday, December 6, 2010

Total "Eclipse" of the Sexes

I rented "Eclipse," the latest movie in the Twilight series, for Evan and I to watch Saturday night.  We probably had to pause it about 10 times because Evan kept asking me questions about some specifics.  See, we also enjoy our "True Blood," so it sometimes gets confusing to remember what vampire rules apply to which show/movies/books.

Anyway, we would have exchanges like this:

Evan: So, the vampire doesn't have to drain them to turn them into one?
Me:  (pauses the movie)  Nope.  In Twilight world, the vampire is venomous.  Just a good, solid bite will sort of infect the human enough to spread through their body and turn them into a vampire. 
Evan:  How does it work?
Me:  The venom makes the human kind of "burn" for about two days. 
Evan:  Yikes.
Me:  Yup.  (starts movie)

30 minutes later.....

Evan: So wait, if the werewolf imprints on a chick, is she forced to fall in love with him?
Me: (pauses the movie for the fifth time by this point) No.  She just does.  It's like they were meant to be together.  She loves him because they're perfect for each other.  It's mystical werewolf magic stuff.
Evan: Are they going to blow anything up at some point?
Me: (starts the movie)

2 minutes later......

Evan:  How about boobs?  Will there be boobs in this?
Me:  (retaliates by pausing the movie every time she sees this show up on the screen:)

And that was our movie date night.  The End. 

These conversations are about 90% accurate....give or take.  ;)

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