Monday, December 20, 2010

A Two Cookie Kind of Day

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard, "I don't get it!" today.  The amount of whining in my 7th grade social studies classroom today got progressively worse throughout the day, culminating in a group at the end of the day that pushed me over the edge to sheer insanity.  Their response to my newsflash that the assignment would actually involve them reading was, "Ugggghhhh!!  This is so hard!!!"  Not just a couple kids.  Probably half the class.  I was disgusted.

Speaking of disgusted, a kid threw up right outside my classroom door today.  I was the first one there and I sat with him until his stomach settled a bit.  I'd be lying if I said the smell wasn't that bad.  It was putrid.  He had pizza for lunch.

It was snowing when I left school and the roads were slippery.  Of course, the snow had whipped Isaiah into a frenzy and he was determined to go out and play in the new snow.  We bundled up in snowpants, hats, and boots and I shovelled the driveway while my boys dove face-first into snow drifts and emerged with crimson cheeks and noses.  By the time I put the shovel away, the driveway was covered again.  Yet another exercise in futility in my day.

I ate two cookies the second I set foot back in the house.

Then I put in a frozen pizza for dinner.

The End.

By the way, those are The Pioneer Woman's cookies, not mine.  I make my mint chocolate chip cookies using a Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix.

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