Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's been kind of quiet on my virtual home simply because it has been anything but quiet in my real home.  The yucky part of my pregnancy really hit me on Monday, so my tummy and I have not exactly been good friends this week.  I wake up feeling nauseous and there have been a couple days so far where I have spent my entire morning running back and forth to the bathroom to throw up.  Tuesday morning was especially bad.  Isaiah would follow right behind me, stand next to me as I knelt, and then rub my back while reassuring me, "I sorry you puke in potty, Mommy.  You be ok."  What a sweet boy.  I'm just counting my blessings that it isn't worse.  I know of several people who have dealt with horrific sickness during pregnancy where they are throwing up constantly and even needing medication to try to control it.  Here's to hoping I don't get to that point. 

On the bright side, I can only hope I've lost weight since I've eaten next to nothing in about three days!  Always looking for a silver lining here, folks. 

Evan's uncle passed away on Saturday and we went to his funeral on Tuesday night.  He was born only a month before my mother.  Freaked. Me. Out.  The funeral was small, tasteful, and somewhat stifled.  Considering she was saying goodbye to her son, Evan's grandmother was the absolute picture of grace and strength.  I admire her more than I can say. 

The boys start at their new day care tomorrow.  Please say a quick prayer for them and for me (that I won't be freaking out thinking about them all day long).  Not that my kids could cause any trouble.

See, look at those faces.

No chance of trouble there!

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