Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He's Not a Numbers Guy

I needed this kind of morning with my kids.  We spread Isaiah's jungle comforter out on his bedroom floor and it suddenly transformed into a bowling alley, a boxing ring, a baseball diamond, a swimming pool, and a wrestling mat.  There were no tantrums, no bullying, no crying (except when Isaiah accidentally jumped on his little brother's head), and no whining.  Just pure, imaginative playtime. 

This little video I took of the boys during our play session just cracks me up.  I love how Micah can't wait until the count of three to run toward the blanket.  My favorite part, however, is how Isaiah goofs up his numbers.  The poor child didn't inherit his father's aptitude for numbers. 

Yup, that's my boy.  Let's hope he has other talents.  :)

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