Monday, January 31, 2011

If I Had a Dollar....

.... for every time I've said:
  • Micah, NO!!
  • Micah, no buttons!
  • Micah, no remotes!
  • Oh no, not the toilet! 
  • Ewwww yucky!  Micah, spit that out!
  • Micah, smaller bites please!
  • Isaiah, please eat your food.
  • No Isaiah, do not swing like a monkey!
  • Isaiah, get off your brother!
  • Micah, you little stinker!!
  • Isaiah. RELAX!
.... or for every time:
  • Micah has started the dryer or the washing machine.
  • Micah has tipped over the garbage can.
  • Micah has thrown away a cup/toy/fork/book/etc. in the garbage can.
  • Micah has eaten something out of the garbage can.
  • Micah has been busted playing in the toilet because someone forgot to close the bathroom door again.
  • Micah has emptied the box of tampons all over the floor because someone forgot to close the bathroom door again.
  • Micah has hit his head on something.  Anything.
  • Micah has gotten into the dog's bowl and I have to fish kibble out of his mouth.
  • Micah has flashed me his devilish grin every time I catch him doing something naughty and he knows it.
Add all those dollars up and I'm pretty sure we could go on Dave Ramsey's show and scream WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!!!  Any way we can arrange that?


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