Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rose Bowl Prayer

Dear Lord,

You and I are going to be talking a lot this weekend.....about football.  You see God, I'm not sure if you're really into sports much (or at all), but seeing as how you're omniscient and all, I figure you understand where I'm coming from when I appeal to your gracious self today.

It's Rose Bowl day, Lord.  Yes, I realize my beloved Badgers are taking on the Horned Frogs of one Texas Christian University.  It seems almost blasphemous just to ask you to even consider sending a little love in my alma mater's direction, but I hope that you will hear my prayer regardless.

May my running backs be swift, strong, and sure of foot.  May they hold on to the ball for dear life.  May my quarterback be accurate, quick, and focused.  May J.J. Watt be....well, J.J. Watt.  May my receivers juke defenders out of their shorts as they streak toward the end zone.  May our field goals be true, our punts be few, and our victory be sweet as roses.


P.S.  We'll have a little chat tomorrow before the Packer game too.

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