Monday, January 3, 2011


It's been a hard couple of days in our house.  We went over our budget last night, like we do every Sunday, and had to make some big changes.  We have to replace our roof this spring or summer and we also realized we needed to start planning ahead for the summer months when I won't be teaching.  Unfortunately, trying to save money for all the things we need to save for didn't leave us enough funds to go around.  The income just isn't there. 

The stress of realizing that we'll need to live on bowls of cereal for the next few months combined with the understanding that, yet again, I need to pound the pavement in search of a summer job was enough to turn on my waterworks. 

And then today, my babysitter gave her two weeks notice.  I have no daycare.  Yup, I'm struggling a little right now to keep a clear head, but I'm trusting that a solution will prevent itself and we'll make it through this. 

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