Sunday, January 9, 2011


Once again, they kept me sweating it right up until the end, but the Packers pulled out a win in Philly tonight and advanced to the next round of the playoffs.  Almost as wonderful as the win was getting this photo with my phone of my boys and I in our Aaron Rodgers jerseys.  Sure, it was taken with my phone so the lighting is too dark, the grain is super noisy, and Micah is a little blurry.  Still, I love it.  They're both looking at the camera and aren't trying to slap one another for a change. 

I know I haven't been blogging much lately.  Truth be told, it's probably better that way since I haven't really been all that much fun to be around in person.  Despite the fact that the Packers just pulled out their first playoff win without Brett Favre since before I was born (FACT), I am on edge.  I suppose it's just been that kind of week where a lot of things have been piling up on me at once.  I realize I'm being about as eloquent as stuttering sloth right now, but it's the best I can do.  I'm due to write you an update on our Total Money Makeover, but I'm hiding like a rodent in its hole because frankly, our progress has been less than impressive as of late.  We're struggling to get a handle on how to move forward into a new year that is complete with a whole new set of challenges.  I don't have any scrapbook layouts to show you because I haven't been able to work on any since November. 

Long story short.....I need to get a handle on things.  I'm confident a victory in Atlanta will help with that.  Go Pack Go!

Random note - I saw Black Swan with my sister-in-law the other night and it was AMAZING.  Psycho, crazy, and creepy, but super good.

Love to all of you.  

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