Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby News

Well, I finally had my first OB visit on Tuesday so I can actually give you an official baby update!  Unfortunately, I have little to report.  My blood pressure is fine, my weight is.....what it is.  The good news is that since my first appointment was a little late in the game, I've kind of skewed my starting number a bit so in the end my official number of pounds gained will be less!  Right??  Bueller?

Ok, back to the baby.  My doc estimates that I'm somewhere around 12-14 weeks.  Usually, I'm really good about being able to tell her the exact date of my LMP and so due dates have always been pretty straightforward.  This time, the Mirena removal and following....ummm....side effects have made it difficult to nail down exactly how far along I am.  Long story short, I'm having an ultrasound next week to get a more accurate idea of a due date.

We managed to hear the baby's heartbeat for all of about two seconds.  The little buggar was wiggling around so much in there that my doc couldn't find it again.  But, it was there and sounded strong, so she has no concerns as of this moment. 

I'm looking forward to the ultrasound next week to get a sneak peek at the baby, but I'm really hoping I can convince my ultrasound tech/operator/doctor/whatever that that awful transvaginal ultrasound is really unnecessary.  My doctor blushed a bit and chuckled when I referred to it as "The Dreaded Dildo Cam."

I thought it was funny.

And because every blog post needs a photo, let's pretend this is Micah's impression of me about to submit to the afore mentioned ultrasound of terror:

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