Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Girly Girl?

My husband thinks I'm crazy.  I mean, more crazy than usual.  In fact, I believe the words that he used were something along the lines of "Who are you?  I don't even know who you are anymore!"  What could send my spouse of nearly 7 years spiralling into such a conniption fit?


It all started with the camera strap.  I had it on my Christmas list and my lovely parents ordered it for me, but not in time to get it before the holiday.  On a recent trip back to visit, they gave me my belated Christmas gift and I greedily tore into it and installed that ruffled lovely onto my camera.  Evan took one look at it and rolled his eyes, probably attributing this strange turn of events to peer pressure or influences from all these creepy blog people I keep meeting online and on "the Twitter." 

Side note:  When I am Tweeting during a football game, I think he wants to kill me.  I just enjoy sharing the experience with countless other fans!!

Once my camera was all tricked out, I'm sure Evan thought this whole thing was over.  But....then I dug out a chunk of the Christmas money I had left and ordered this gorgeous little number from Gussy Sews:

It's it cute??!!  I threw it in my purse to keep my lip gloss, medication, earrings, and that sort of thing from bouncing all willy-nilly around my bag.  When the hubs saw it, all he saw was the PINK ruffle.

Did I mention that my cute little Gussy pouch arrived pretty much the same day I had sent Evan an email with a little hint about a gift I would love for Valentine's Day

The poor boy was at a loss.  Suddenly, his football loving, blue jeans and sneaker wearing, low key wife was a girly girl!!  "When did this happen?" he wondered.  "Who are you?" he inquired. 

My best explanation....I blame the hormones. 

I also blame the pregnancy hormones for this hat:

and this hat:

and oh my heavens.....this hat:

You see?  It's not my fault.  I think that top one, the mulberry color, is my favorite.  Oh, it is so sweet.  Check out the Heart Smiles Etsy shop for more of this uber cuteness.

So why the sudden urge to be such a girly girl?  Who knows!  I've had a couple people tell me that it must mean this baby is a girl, but I must admit that I'm fairly convinced that I'm having another boy!  Only time will tell since I have to wait until the baby is actually born to confirm my suspicions, but in the meantime.....

....I guess Evan is stuck with a girly girl.

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