Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mama Said There'll be Days Like This

From the day he was born, my Micah has been the easy-going one.  Whenever he was upset, all we had to do to get him to chill out was to lay him on the floor on his back and just let him calm himself.  He's independent and rarely wants to snuggle.  If Isaiah and I are snuggled together watching a movie on the couch, Micah is content to watch by himself on the floor, sit at the other end of the couch, or just play quietly on his own.

So, when he woke up early Tuesday morning and just wanted to cuddle in my arms, I realized something was wrong.  His head was burning up.  The fever persisted throughout the morning and the child who usually falls right asleep at naptime resisted sleeping tooth and nail.  After about maybe 40 minutes of sleep, I was left with this boy:

If you've been here before and have seen his smiling face, you can understand my plight.  After a rough day with my cranky, sick boy, we passed an extremely restless night and undertook yet another day of Crabby Micah Syndrome.  This time, instead of spending the day wanting to cuddle with Mommy, he spent Wednesday just wanted to scream and cry.  After his non-existent nap, he was really starting to feel the hurt.

His fever was gone today, but I have a feeling that his super-crankiness, lack of sleep & appetite, and snotty nose might have something to do with cutting his molars.  He had one ready to bust through a couple weeks ago so perhaps it is finally making its move.  Regardless, I will leave you with this final glimpse into my snow day at home with my inconsolable Micah baby:

It was a tough day!  Any pointers on dealing with a cranky teething toddler?

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