Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Just when I thought I had my head on straight when it came to this baby, my darling husband goes and throws a monkeywrench in the whole affair.  Now I'm all turned around, upside down and sideways, and I'm at a loss for which path to choose.

When we were pregnant with Isaiah, I really wanted to find out the sex of the baby at the ultrasound.  Evan preferred to be surprised.  So, we compromised....and found out at the ultrasound.

With Micah, I once again was set on finding out at the ultrasound whether I should break out the bins of boy stuff or if I got to go shopping for ruffles and flowers.  Again, Evan would have voted for the element of surprise in the delivery room.  Once again, my whining logic prevailed and our ultrasound revealed our second set of baby boy parts.

That's my Micah, giving up the goods.

Which brings us to Bambino #3 here.  Before this little bean was even conceived, Evan and I discussed how this third (and presumably our last) baby would be different.  We wouldn't really "try" to get pregnant, but we wouldn't work to prevent it either....just let it happen if it was meant to happen.  Second, we decided that this time was "Evan's turn" and we would wait until our baby was born to discover if we've got a trio of sons or if a little princess was joining the brood.  It took some work for me to get my head around this because I live and die by a plan.  I like to know what's coming up so I can know how to handle it.  Throwing caution to the wind is not really my thing.  In fact, it really stresses me out.  But, I was willing to test my patience to the limits and wait for the baby to emerge and the doctor to announce, "It's a ______!"

Cue:  Monkeywrench.

We were discussing names the other night and Evan drops this bomb on me:

"You know, we can find out if it's a boy or a girl before it's born if you really want to. It's not that big of a deal to me either way."

WHAT???!!  I launch into this tirade about how I had girded my loins, steeled my senses, prepared myself to stick it out and wait until the birth and now he tells me it really isn't all that big of a deal to him!!??  You're killing me, here!

So now here I sit, on the precipice of a decision.  Do I or don't I find out the sex of this baby at the ultrasound?  On one sure makes it easier.  I already have two boys so if I have another boy coming, I can rest easy in knowing I'm practically prepared already.  Done.  However, if there is a girl in there, I have some work to do.  The room will be painted and I'll have some serious shopping to do because my house is brimming with BOY right now.  Of course, the surprise of the announcement of "It's a _____!" is a unique opportunity and life doesn't come with surprises like that very often. 

Help.  Discuss.  Should I go for it and reveal the baby's gender at the ultrasound (in April) or stay the course and wait to be surprised at the birth? 

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