Monday, February 28, 2011

Real Quick before Castle is On....

We've had a real rough week or so in this house and I'm truly hoping things turn around in the next couple days.  Evan's grandfather died last week, so we had to drive separately back to our hometown on Saturday.  While I was at work, Evan drove up to be a pallbearer in the funeral.  When I was finished with my shift, I drove our other car to attend a baby shower for a good friend of mine before meeting up with Evan and his family after the burial.  After I left the baby shower, the snow started coming down pretty badly and things got nasty pretty quick.  I swear, I started braking in what I thought was plenty of time before the stop sign, but it was like my brakes never even engaged and I just kept sliding....right into the side of a black F-150. 

I was fine, as was the other driver.  I felt terrible having to call Evan to come right from burying his grandpa to rescue his wife from her car accident. 

On a more positive note, I had my ultrasound today and I got to see my baby for the first time!  S/he is very active, has a strong beating heart, and is developing well.  The size of the baby indicates that I am just shy of 13 weeks along so my estimated due date is now September 6th. 

We're all still sick.  Micah's nose is streaming snot and he isn't sleeping, Isaiah has an on and off fever and diarrhea, and I'm still coughing and feeling pretty run down in general. 

Time for a new episode of Castle.  Say a little prayer for me that we get a good couple nights of sleep and a surge of healthy vibes.  We could really use it!

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