Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Rough Week in Wisconsin

Yes, I'm a teacher in Wisconsin.  No, I'm not going to write anything specific about it here on the blog, but there are plenty of sources where you can read as much as you want about the uproar that the new budget bill has caused.  This week has been so difficult for a number of reasons and I have a feeling it won't be improving for quite some time.  Although I am currently non-union, the teachers at my district are my colleagues and my friends.  I watch movies with them, drink beer with them (no, not right NOW!), have playdates with them.  My friends are hurting right now.  They are frustrated, scared, angry, and upset.  I swear, the very air in the school hallways feels electrically charged.  My heart goes out to my colleagues and I can only hope that things calm down soon because it is really hard for me to see them hurting so much.

It doesn't matter what my position on the issue is.  That's not what I want to write about.  All I want to come on here and say is that regardless of where you stand politically, I hope that all Wisconsinites take a second to remember that this whole debate isn't just about politics or budgets.  There are real people with real families and real fears on the line here.  Hard decisions are going to be made.  Hateful words have already been spoken and will continue to be spouted.  Misinformation and propaganda is already rampant.   Let's just all keep a level head and respect one another's varied opinions, regardless of whether we are public or private sector, teacher, farmer, or otherwise.  I can only hope that the uproar will settle, democracy will resume, and we can move forward toward a resolution soon.

It's been a very difficult week.  I miss my Super Bowl high.   

There.  I've said my piece. 

P.S.  My college buddy Jessica Arp is the political reporter for Channel 3 and has been putting in some crazy hours covering this story as it develops right at the state capitol.  Follow her on Twitter for the inside scoop.

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