Friday, February 4, 2011

This is How We Roll (Cheesehead Edition)

It was Green & Gold day at school today so the place was just packed with Packer pride (hardee har har har).  Teachers, students, custodians, and adolescent nutrition technicians alike all came to school today proudly displaying their loyalties to the Pack.  It was a little uncomfortable for me, in my Aaron Rodgers jersey, to be right next door (and clearly visible through a window) to a math teacher wearing an old school Brett Favre jersey, but her heart was in the right place.

My kids also wore some of their Packers gear to daycare today and Isaiah was pleased as punch to announce upon his arrival, "I Rodgers!  Go football!"  I'm so proud of that boy.

I don't know if you've heard, but we Packers fans are hardcore.  Seriously.  I know every team claims their fans are the best, but if you really look at it from an objective standpoint (as I clearly am), nobody holds a candle to Packers fans.  Proof?  Have you heard of the "Prairie Dome?"  It's nothing fancy, just an enormous Packers helmet carved out of snow and ice where some local fans will be enjoying the Super Bowl.  This bad boy is in my town, people.  I drove a couple blocks after school and snapped these photos of the Prairie Dome:

 (Excuse my squinting, goofy face.  It was windy and cold!)

You see, we live and breathe the Packers here.  It's part of who we are.  Yes, I realize there is a small percentage of our population who doesn't give a flying fart about football and may not even know who Clay Matthews is, but you know what?  Those are the kind of people that the rest of us fanatics just kindly roll our eyes at and say, "Oh bless their little heart" as we donn our Cheeseheads and get ready to scream until our throats bleed to rally our team to victory.  Heck, our state capitol building is even lit up to support the Packers!

As Rick Reilly recently wrote in his article for, "You root for the Packers in this Super Bowl because being a Steelers fan is a sickness but being a Packers fan is incurable."

Well Rick, I've got the fever and the only cure is a Lombardi Trophy.  Go Pack Go!

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