Friday, March 11, 2011


As I type this, Micah has been screaming in his crib for one hour and 6 minutes.  Ever since he was sick a couple weeks back, he sleep has (for lack of a better way to put it) gone straight to hell.  He used to be a champion sleeper.  You'd lay him down and he'd happily pass out and sleep, both for naps and at nighttime.  No problems, no fussing, waking up happy as a clam. 

But then he got sick for that week and half or so and suddenly everything changed.  He doesn't go down without a fight and he is waking up constantly.  At first, I attributed it to teething or to feeling icky.  I mean, who doesn't coddle their kids a bit when they're sick?  He's back to being almost totally healthy now, but his sleep is just shot. 

I lay him down for his nap at the time he's been going to bed for months and months and all he does is scream for God knows how long.  He stands up, throws his nuk across the room, and screams bloody murder until I come in and lay him back down.  We do this dance over and over.  I'm at one hour and 10 minutes now and I just returned from a trip into his room and I just heard the unmistakable "thump" of the nuk being thrown into the door.

At night, it isn't much better.  Last night, Evan had to endure an hour a a half of screaming before Micah finally fell asleep, and that was only with Evan sitting in the room by him for 15 minutes until he was 100% passed out.  The second he would try to get up and leave while he was awake and Micah would be violently hollering.  Some nights he only wakes up once, but there are nights when he is waking up multiple times and he will have violent fits!  He calms down if you hold him, but goes completely bonkers the moment you stand up to try to lay him down.

He's tired.
I'm tired.
Evan's tired.
Isaiah's sleeping like a champ, thanks for asking.

Help.  I'm totally stuck here because I'm really not sure what to do with this magnitude of sleep trouble at 18 months.  Isaiah never was like this at this age.  It's putting both Evan and I on edge and I'm really worried that if I don't get this sleep problem solved before Evan has to go to China next month, I won't be able to send the kids to my parents and then I'm really up excrement creek without a paddle.

Offer your suggestions, forward this post to the veteran parent you know who has sleep trained orphans in Mongolia....I don't care.  Just help!!

One hour, 14 minutes.  God help me.

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