Friday, March 18, 2011

Toilet Talk

I about died when Isaiah struck up this little conversation with me while he sat on the toilet.  Don't worry, it's nothing gross!

Isaiah:  Mommy, I go to school!

Me:  No, sweetie.  You were at Sarah's house today, not school.

Isaiah:  No Mommy.  Someday I grow up and get bigger!  Then I go to school!

Me:  Yes!  That's right!  In a couple years, you'll be a little more grown up and you will get to go to school.  Are you excited?

Isaiah: Uh huh!  And I go to school, I ride on school bus!  I say good-bye to you, Mommy and then I get on school bus to go to school and learn!  All by myself!

Me:  (dumbfounded and tearing up now)  Yes, baby.  That's right.  Mommy can't go to school with you.  You'll get to ride on the school bus like a big boy and you'll learn so much.

Isaiah:  Yup, I get new books too!  It gonna be awesome!  I all done.  You wipe my butt now, please?

Thank God we still have a couple more years! 

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