Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Such a Slacker.

Yeah, so I ended up going to bed early last night due to a migraine that may or may not have been accelerated by my disappointment that there was not a new Glee episode on.  I mean, I had the headache already, but that just pushed me over the edge, you know?  By the time I had Isaiah to bed, I had absolutely no desire to stare at a computer screen that would make the screaming in my head even worse, so I laid down on the couch instead.

Then Evan shoved a computer screen in my face and asked me what color shingles I liked best. 

After I rid myself of that agonizing decision, I could close my eyes once again to try to keep the ice picks that were pounding into my cerebral cortex at bay.  Eventually, I just went to bed.

Then the phone rang at full blast.  Yes, I will sub tomorrow now please go away so I can sleep and make the little brain jackhammers go away!!

And then I slept.  When I woke up this morning, there still was no clear winner in the Supreme Court race.  I'm lucky my migraine didn't return immediately.

Isaiah has my "I Voted!" sticker in his pants pocket at daycare today.  He was screaming and had tears streaming down his face when I dropped him off because I didn't let him take two whole fistfuls of Fruit Loops into the house with him.  His evil mother actually pried at least half of them out of his hands before he left the car.  Traumatic stuff.

Long story short (finally?) - I didn't get the Project Life Tuesday post fixed last night.  Don't hate me.

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