Thursday, April 7, 2011

Isaiah's Quotables: "Two Babies"

Isaiah is at the age now where I feel like he should be sitting next to Bill Cosby on "Kids Say the Dardest Things!"  Every once in a while, he will throw something out there that will nearly make me shoot Diet Pepsi out of my nose.  Not that I'm drinking caffeine while pregnant.  Moving on....

In the spirit of recording these little gems for blackmail posterity, I'm going to try to write down as many of his little quips as I can and then share them on here in this little series.  If things keep developing at the same speed, I'll be starting a "Micah's Quotables" before too long too!!

"Two Babies"

Isaiah and I were sitting next to one another on the couch when he reached over to touch my belly.  He gently patted it for a second and then asked me, "Mommy....there a baby in there?"  I smiled and replied, "That's right honey!  The baby's growing in there!" 

He thought about this for a moment then sat back and gave me a good once over.  Then he took his finger and poked both of my breasts and asked, "Mommy....there two babies in there?"

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