Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winter Returns

This was the scene out my porch door as I sipped my coffee yesterday morning.  Egads, those are snowflakes.  Huge, wet, demonic snowflakes falling from the sky.... the middle of April!

My poor tulips and daffodils wound up blanketed in snow and ice. 

And the bloody stuff didn't melt!  I could understand a freak mid-April snowstorm, but one doesn't expect it to not melt once it hits the ground.  Instead, we wound up with fresh snow cover that stuck around all day.

Later, my sidewalk and driveway ended up polka dotted with sleet.  Then it started to hail and thunder.

I had to drive 45 mph on the way home.  We're less than two weeks from flipping the calendar to May, but we're smack dab back in the middle of winter.  So ready for spring to arrive for real!!

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