Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Having All Boys is Awesome: Reason #212

It got HOT yesterday.  After a very disappointing March and April where temperatures remained cold and the skies insisted on dropping snow, we seemed to skip right over spring and jump directly into summer yesterday.  It was humid as all get out and my curly hair poofed up like a mushroom cloud.  The high temperature got up to 86-ish degrees in my area!  On May 10th! 

Being at the high school yesterday gave me a sudden reminder of why I'm really pumped that I am the momma of all boys.  There were a ton of very, very short skirts and shorts running around that place.  Here are these teeny tiny little teenage girls (and some who are not so teeny tiny as well) trotting around in outfits that feature little more than a loincloth that would make Tarzan blush.  On many of the shorts I saw in the hallways yesterday, the pockets were hanging out the bottom of the shorts.  Several others had holes ripped in the fronts to expose just a little sneaky peek of the upper thigh.  And don't even get me started on the fact that the shorts pictured there are listed on Abercrombie & Fitch's website for $58 dollars!!!!

And then there are the skirts.  Oh. my. gracious.  I know I sound like an 80 year old grandmother when I say this, but many of these skirts are just downright embarrassing for me to even walk behind the girl who is wearing it.  They are short.  Crazy short.  So short that I am truly concerned that sitting, reaching, bending over, or even just walking could cause some kind of R-rated event to happen to this young lady.  And of course, several of these handkerchiefs passing off as clothing also have holes ripped in the front so as to expose even more skin. 

To all you mommas (and dads!!!) out there with daughters, I don't envy the situation you'll probably find yourselves in come adolescence.

Reason #212 that having all boys rocks:  I never have to have the "isn't that too short?" argument. 

Instead, I just have to hold my breath and hope and pray that this whole saggy pants thing doesn't have the longevity to affect my boys because oh will they be embarrassed when I yank their pants down in front of their friends and exclaim, "I don't show you my panties, so I don't want to see yours!!"

My kids are going to hate me.

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