Saturday, July 16, 2011

Micah's First Surgery

After suffering though a staph infection for more than a week, we noticed that Micah's leg was still not looking much better, despite the fact that his antibiotics seemed to have taken care of the rest of his owies.

Thursday, July 7th

I called the clinic on Friday morning, July 8th, and got Micah an appointment for 3:00 to get that leg checked out.  It was just still so red, inflamed, and hard to the touch that I was concerned.  Plus, the poor boy was clearly still in substantial pain.  I had to work at 4:00, so I arranged for Evan to meet us at the clinic at 3:40 so we could switch out and I could head off to work while he finished up with the doctor visit.

Ah, the best laid plans.  It didn't take the doctor very long to check out Micah's leg before he recommended that we have a surgeon look at it.  Soon.  He suspected that there was a build-up of pus underneath the skin as a result of the staph infection that hadn't been able to escape.  Micah had a golf ball sized abscess on his thigh, plus another area above it that was causing him trouble. 

At about 3:50, I had to call work to tell them I would be late since we were heading to the hospital to have a surgeon look at Micah's leg.  By 4:30, I had to call back to tell them that I would get there as soon as I could because we were getting ready to take Micah down to the surgery center.  The surgeon had examined Micah's leg and said we needed to drain it immediately.

Before I knew it, Evan had taken Isaiah off to get some supper and I sat with Micah in his little hospital gown while he was prepped for his very first surgery.

I know it was about as minor of a procedure as they come, but it was still difficult to try to keep him calm and to hold him down while he was jabbed with a needle of anesthesia.  As he faded into "loopy land," they rolled him away from me into the OR and the tears just started falling. 

He came out of his procedure with flying colors.  They drained a LOT of gunk out of that abscess and he recovered well from the anesthesia.  The hardest thing was trying to explain to Isaiah that his brother would be a little "goofy" when they brought him out, but that he was going to get better real soon.

Our little patient ate a Popsicle and a graham cracker and was really coming around well.  Evan took him home at about 6:15 and I finally went to work.  Micah went right to sleep (with the help of some pain killers) and is healing well! 

Hopefully the poor kid gets to stay away from the doctor's office for a while now!

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