Friday, August 26, 2011

11 Days and Counting

Sorry to disappoint, but I literally have nothing to report.  How lame is it that I have to write a blog post just to update you on the fact that nothing is happening?  Ugh.

Anyway, I'm at 38 weeks & 3 days preggers, otherwise known as 11 days from my due date.  At my OB appointment on Wednesday, she said I was dilated to 3 cm, "softening," and the baby's head was good and low.  All good things that point to impending labor, but alas.  No contractions or any other pre-labor signs for me to speak of since.

All in all, I just feel very......well.....pregnant.  Lots of pressure, weight, discomfort, and sporadic contractions.  Nothing decisive. 

Still holding out hope for an August baby here, folks.  One thing working in my favor is Murphy's Law.  You know, the old saying "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong?"  As it turns out, my doctor is going to be out of town on Saturday and Sunday so the way I figure it, that means that I will definitely be having this baby on one of those two days.  Right?

And because every blog post needs a photo, here's a fun little nugget for you.  Check out what Micah looked like at this time last year:

Ah yes.  Barely even an inkling of the troublesome little stinker he was about to grow into.  Now, if you'll excuse me.  It's only been an hour and 15 minutes since I put Micah down for a nap and I need to go back in there for the 12th time and return him to bed.  Good times.

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