Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can the Baby Sleep in the Bottom Drawer?

As soon as the calender said I was 36 weeks pregnant with Isaiah, I had that suitcase packed and ready to go by the door to our apartment.  Heck, I even took photos of its contents so I could make a scrapbook page. 

I ended up not even needing to have it ready to go in the dead of night since I was induced 12 days before my due date and was able to plan ahead a bit for Isaiah's arrival.  With Micah, I was a bit more relaxed and I'm pretty sure I didn't even pre-pack very much at all.  I knew what essentials I would need and tried to make sure most of it was rounded up, but there was no suitcase waiting by the door.

In fact, I thought I was going into labor the night of September 9th.  I woke up from pains around 11:30 or so and they continued, getting stronger and more frequent.  I even showered around 12:30 or so in anticipation of having to go to the hospital!  Of course, things went away around 2:00 am so I went back to bed.  I did pack my bag when I woke up though!  Good thing too because Micah was born that evening of the 10th at 11:54 pm!

Even though I was a bit more relaxed about the whole packing thing the second time around, I did still have a dresser stocked and ready to go with onesies, pants, and sleepers.  I had a changing table stuffed to the gills with diapers, wipes, and burp cloths.  The crib was assembled and bedding ready to go. 

I feel like we're still in a state of limbo for this baby.  Micah is still getting accustomed to sleeping in his big boy bed and so is still sleeping in his bedroom.  He's using the dresser and the changing table.  I have been stocking up on diapers for the baby when I find a good sale, but that's really about it.  If the poor boy were to be born tomorrow, I wouldn't have a place to put his clothes, change his diaper, or put him down to sleep.  I know we'll figure it out as we get closer, but I really don't like approaching that 36 week "point of no return" without feeling like we're slightly more prepared.  It's very unsettling!

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