Monday, August 8, 2011

Micah's Birthday List

I just updated the wipe-off calendar in our entry and had to do a double-take when I realized that his birthday is only a few weeks away! My baby.....turning TWO!!!

Wasn't this only last week? I swear, it can't have been a year since he demolished that cake. In any case, I still have to actually plan his birthday party itself, but I'm not going to drop the ball on his Birthday List.

Here are Micah's wishes as he turns the big TWO!

Clothes - He's already wearing 2T and starting to grown into some 3T stuff.  I know, big boy.  Thinking ahead for winter and such, I'd probably go with mostly 3T.  He'll also need a winter hat, mittens, etc.  As for shoes, he is currently wearing size 8W.  Most importantly, Micah is in serious need of some Packer gear for the upcoming season!!  Think jersey, sweatshirt, and cap.  He also could use a fall jacket (3T) and perhaps even his winter coat (4T).

  • Jessie from Toy Story - Micah really likes to play with our teeny tiny little Jesse doll, but it would be sweet to have the big one that talks!  He is still obsessed with Toy Story.  That being said, adding Mr. Potato Head, Bullseye, and Hamm to our Toy Story collection would be pretty sweet too!
  • Both boys just LOVE playing with the little cars from the movie Cars.  It seems like could always use more of these!  Here are just a couple examples: Racing 4-Pack, Racing Rivalry 7-Pack
  • Leapster 2 or Leapster Explorer - He's already started trying to steal his big brother's Explorer whenever he plays it, so it's becoming clear a second one of this will be in order soon!
  • A Little Tikes picnic table
  • VTech Kidizoom Camera - Micah already loves to pretend to take photos with the little Toy Story toy camera we have.  He'd get a real kick out of this!
Books (Micah absolutely LOVES books!!!)
As for his birthday party, it could get a bit dicey planning his party so soon after the arrival of his baby brother, but we'll pull it off somehow. I'll get on it ASAP!

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