Monday, August 1, 2011

Wishes for Baby

A while back, I made a poll on Facebook asking whether it was ok to make a baby registry for Baby #3, even if there wouldn't be a baby shower involved.  The results were pretty divided, with many saying to go for it, but most being of the mind that a registry for the third baby is a bit in poor taste.  Instead of a registry, I figured I would just start a wish list here on the blog so that if someone in my world is looking for any ideas for Baby, at least there is a list to consult somewhere.  That sounds reasonable, right?  As a shortcut, just follow me on Pinterest to see a bunch of this stuff and more on my boards!

Baby #3's Wishlist

Fisher Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper - I really like the idea of this little wonder and it's getting rave reviews!  Considering that this little guy won't have a room of his own right away when he joins our family, I love the idea of having this small, portable little bed for him to sleep in wherever we stick him.  Plus, we already know we'll be taking a weekend trip out of state when he's only a couple weeks old and this seems much easier to travel with than a huge Pack 'n Play.  (Available at Target, Amazon, Walmart)

Breast Pump Carry Bag - Ok, I guess this is technically for me.  I bought a new breast pump for this baby, but it didn't come with a bag or a cooler or anything.  This accessory kit would be very handy for toting my pump around with me places. 

Prince Lionheart WashPOD - This thing looks goofy.  I fully acknowledge that.  However, we are currently without a baby bathtub because I donated our old one (it drove me nuts) and I've heard nothing but wonderful things about this silly looking tub.  A friend of mine has sworn by it for her baby girls.  I love that it takes up much less room in my bathroom closet!  :)

Woombie - My friend Marissa's little baby Lily just loves her Woombie!  I have yet to find a swaddling blanket thingy that I like, but I'd like to give this a shot.  It just looks so snug and comfy!  Who knows if this kid will be a swaddler (Isaiah was NOT, Micah was), but it looks to be worth a try.

Ergo Baby Carrier - I have a Moby Wrap that I used off and on with my older boys and I liked it.  The biggest issue I had with the Moby is that it really took some practice to figure out how to wear it comfortably and many times I had to re-wrap myself several times before I had it "just right."  I know that when I'm trying to get my butt into Target with two big boys and then have to stand there for 10 minutes just to adjust my Moby so it's just right for carrying the baby.....well, that seems more problematic than helpful.  I've heard really great things about this carrier, the Ergo.  It seems to be easy to use and very versatile.  Baby can be worn in front easily and also on the back for hiking (or visits to the zoo or something since I really don't hike).  I tried to use my Moby with Micah on my back when we visited the zoo and it was a horrific comedy of errors.  The Ergo can carry Baby up to a weight of 45 pounds!  (Sold on Amazon,, or locally at REI stores or Oompa in Middleton.)  **Babies under 4 months need the Infant Insert!**

The essentials - Wipes, wipes, wipes!  Diapers, diapers, diapers!  Gift cards!!

Hope this helps!  If there are any great ideas you have for baby products that you just can't live without, feel free to shout 'em out. 

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