Thursday, September 22, 2011

The One That Got Away

We finally got a nibble on our house!  After nearly three months on the market, at long last the phone rang with news that someone wanted to look at our house.  A whirlwind of cleaning ensued and I took off with the boys and the dog.  We made ourselves scarce right during naptime, which was super-fun for me, but it was worth it because the feedback was actually positive!  The buyers said they loved the lower level of our house and would likely schedule a second showing. 


So, the buyers came through again on Wednesday and we were keeping our fingers crossed that they would like it enough to make an offer.  We practically had an army of people praying for us. 

Ultimately, the buyers decided to make an offer on a different house, one with a more open floor plan and cathedral ceilings.  Part of me wanted to say, "What??!!  But our house is cheaper!  Don't they realize we're in a recession?"  But I certainly understand that sometimes, even if you really like the house, it just isn't right for you. 

Does it make us bad people that we're secretly hoping that they aren't able to reach a deal with the sellers and they turn to us instead?  :)

So, back to the waiting game we go.  We have another Open House on Sunday and we can only pray that someone will actually show up, unlike our first one. 

I've been talking to Isaiah about the change that's coming up and I think he understands that we're going to buy a new house, but I don't think he really gets that we'll eventually be leaving our current one.  He also seems to think that we'll be selling all our stuff too because he got all worked up the other day at the idea of losing his bunk beds. 

He also asked if Thomas would be coming with us when we went to the new house.  Cute boy!

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