Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick Like a Bunny

Real quick-like, I want to give you a Cliff Notes version of how we're doing over here.  Why the rush?  Because all three kids are actually sleeping at the same time and I want to sneak in a snooze, dang it all.


  • Practically perfect in every way.  Or was that Mary Poppins?
  • Only lost 5 oz at his 6 day checkup.
  • Nurses like he was born to do it!  Wait a second.....
  • Took a bottle from Daddy last night like a pro.  Best news Mommy has heard in days.
  • Cries pretty much only when he's hungry and getting his diaper changed. 
  • Awesome little guy.  We're head over heels for this one, by golly.  More photos to come (when I get time)!
  • Still sore.
  • Tired.
  • Hemorrhoids are the worst post-partum symptom next to PPD.  I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy, yet here I am 8 days later, still wincing to sit, stand, walk, etc. 
  • Tired.
  • Feeling incredibly blessed & lucky, but overwhelmed at the same time. 
  • Nope.  No photo of me right now, thank you so much.  As much as I hear people telling me I look great, I feel disgusting.  Plus, I haven't showered in a while and I'm choosing to blog/nap instead right now.  Priorities, people.

  • Has been enjoying sleeping in our comfy bed, thank you very much.
  • Now that Thomas seems to be able to take a bottle, Daddy will be able to take on some feedings.  Yay!
  • Books and bedtime are now Daddy Time, at least for right now.  It gives Mommy some much needed quiet time.
  • Daddy rocks!  No, really.  He's pretty awesome. 
Big Brothers:

  • Several times a day, Isaiah asks to hold, touch, kiss, and even smell the baby.
  • Micah likes to jab him in the cheeks and say, "Poke! Poke!"
  • Isaiah constantly gives me status updates like, "He's moving!" or "He made noise!" 
  • My mule of a child (Micah) is being the biggest challenge right now.
  • Isaiah started preschool yesterday.  More on that later.
  • The big boys are moving in together tomorrow and the bunk beds will be assembled.  Add us all to your prayer list right now please.
Last, but certainly not least:


It's Game Day, people.  I'm going to try to get in a little nappy-poo here so I can stay up to watch the whole game.  Again, it's about priorities. 

We'll chat again soon.

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