Monday, October 10, 2011

"I Wish I Have Dat!" - Isaiah's Birthday List

He'll be four years old in less than a month.  He has my eyes, a flair for the dramatic, a double hair whirl, an affinity for Eggo waffles smeared with peanut butter, and a sensitive side.  He loves to cuddle, give kisses for no particular reason, and his giraffe.  He hates vegetables, or at least he thinks he does. 

He started preschool this year.

I love him so much it hurts, but I honestly cannot stand the idea of him being FOUR.  It just sounds so big. 

In any case, this birthday is coming up quickly and the grandparents have been requesting "the list," so here it is!  Keep in mind that every time a commercial comes on TV, Isaiah chimes in with "I wish I have dat!"  Well, he most certainly is not going to receive everything he wishes for, but here's a few ideas for what he would like for his birthday.

  • Cars 2 Blu Ray combo pack
  • Bullseye from Toy Story, Mr. Potato Head, Evil Dr. Porkchop 
  • Snow pants (4T) and boots (size 10)
  • Winter hat, gloves
  • Books! 
  • Clothes for winter or spring (sweaters, undies, PJs.  Size 4T)
  • Lightsaber - one that has sound effect and lights up
  • Art smock & art supplies suitable for kids (aka WASHABLE!)
  • Costumes for dress up
  • Soccer ball
He's such a spoiled little buggar. 

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