Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Top Ten List

Top 10 Reasons...

...he's a Stinker:

10.  He refuses to eat an entire container of yogurt without sticking his hand in it and using it like finger paint.

9.  If Isaiah is trying to chill out and enjoy a TV show, he absolutely must take that opportunity to tackle his big brother repeatedly and try to start a wrestling match.

8.  He always waits until after I've tried to put him down for a nap to poop in his diaper.

7.  He will put anything he can get his hand on in his mouth. I wish I had a nickel for every time I've shouted, "Micah! Not in your mouth! Icky!!!"

6.  He thinks it's hilarious to lay back in the bathtub and send pee shooting up in the air like a Las Vegas water fountain.

5.  He tells you what he wants to eat, but then changes his mind as soon as he sees what you're eating.  Then he tries to steal your food.

4.  He fights tooth and nail to go to bed at naptime and at bedtime and then he wakes up in the morning while it's still dark and fights you again when you try to put him back to bed.  His sleep struggles are even frustrating to his big brother.

3.  His favorite word is "No."

2.  He just DOESN'T LISTEN!!!!  Ever.  To anything.  Or anyone.

And the number one reason my Micah John is a stinker.......

1.  He's TWO.

Thank goodness for that dimple on his right cheek and those killer blue eyes or we might have tossed him out of the window!  We're keeping our fingers crossed that his stinker-tude is just a phase.  Right?

But bless it all.....we love him to pieces.   

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