Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Daddy Effect

Today was an exercise in futility.  Two days before Isaiah's birthday party and I have a ton of stuff I need to do in order to get ready.

I had two baskets of laundry to fold, which I managed to complete right before naptime.  I came back into the living room after putting away one basket's worth only to find that Micah had demolished all my nice piles of neatly folded laundry.  I quickly re-folded the clothes with furrowed brow and tossed them in their respective drawers before shuffling the kids off to bed.

Of course, no day is complete without the usual naptime song and dance with Micah John.  I kid you not when I tell you that he literally laughs in my face as I am firmly explaining to him my expectation that he will stay in bed and go to sleep.  Such a stinker! The second time I came in to check on him, I found that he had yet again emptied out all the drawers and threw the clothes everywhere.

That would be the third time I had folded most of those clothes.  Within an hour. 

And then there was supper.  I prepped a meal of Chicken & Dumplings and made it in the Crock Pot.  It turned out really well and I set it out on the table.  The second Isaiah set eyes on his meal, he burst into a massive fit and proceeded to sit in his chair for a solid ten minutes, bawling his eyes out.  Meanwhile, Micah was happily taking bites of his meal until he caught on to what Isaiah was up to.  Then he too proclaimed he was "all done" and started throwing his food.  I told him twice that we don't throw food and to stop his behavior.  He chucked a hunk of dumpling at me.

Guess who got a Time Out?

When he returned to the table, Micah still stubbornly refused to continue to eat anything.  Then he busted out his favorite trouble-causing trick.  Putting his feet on the table.

Yup, someone got another Time Out. 

And Isaiah still refused to even try a bite of his supper.

Until Daddy got home.  Suddenly, both boys lit up like Christmas trees.  All it took was one instruction from Daddy and Isaiah ate all the chicken out of his bowl and was quickly gobbling up his share of the apple crisp dessert.

As for Micah?

He ate dang near half of Daddy's bowl of Chicken & Dumplings and then made sure he too got apple crisp.

Me?  I wanted booze.  I felt like I'd spent the whole day in a rocking chair.  Working hard, but not getting anywhere.

At least this guy didn't jerk me around:

Wait until I show you Thomas's Gene Simmons impression.  It's classic.

Oh, and did I mention I also had to wash our bedding because the dog barfed on our bed?  Yeah.  That too.

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