Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - November Week Four

Hello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday! I am taking a photo every day in 2011 and putting them together in an album to create a unique keepsake of this year for our family.  Be sure to check in on what others are doing with their projects over at The Mom Creative!

Sunday, November 20th - Well, I'm about 4 years behind, but I finally filled out the paperwork to get Isaiah on the waiting list for season Packers tickets.  So, he might get the call that it's his turn around the time he's looking for something new to do with his free time since he retired about 10 years ago.  Maybe he'll pass the tickets along to my future grandchild.  Who knows!

Monday, November 21st - His face might be misleading in this photo, but I promise you that Isaiah was actually pretty excited to show me his turkey hat he made in Glory Bees this morning.

Tuesday, November 22nd - Micah got the idea in his head today that he wanted to ditch the diapers and wear undies.  I went along with it for about two hours and two pairs of undies, but I put the end to that little experiment after watching him pee on himself not two minutes after I asked him if he needed to go potty.  He's just not quite ready yet.

Wednesday, November 23rd - Aren't babies funny?  They can sleep through anything and can also fall asleep in the strangest of positions.

Thursday, November 24th - Happy Thanksgiving!  For the first time in several years, my husband's grandmother got to see all her grandkids at once for the holiday and she asked me to get a photo of all of them.  Good looking crew!

Friday, November 25th - A new tradition began in our house this morning when Santa left a new book for the boys and a scout elf had taken up residence on our shelf.  The boys named him Buddy and are looking forward to seeing where he moves around to every day!

Saturday, November 26th - "Brain Freeze!!!"

Thanks for stopping!  :)

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