Friday, November 4, 2011

Thomas - Two Months

I love that Thomas turned 2 months old on Halloween because then I got to take his monthly photo in this cute little skeleton outfit! 

Just for fun, here's how Micah looked in this same outfit at the age of 7 weeks back in 2009:

Anyway, back to Thomas.  He continues to be such a wonderful baby!  He has such a sweet disposition and just loves to watch his big brothers in action; he'll focus right in on them when they're getting into trouble.

  • At his checkup, he weighed in at 13.1 pounds (81%) and was 22.7 inches tall (40%).  To be perfectly honest, we're pretty sure there was some human error at some point on the height measurement because that's been all over the place.  Head circumference was 41 cm (74%).
  • He's getting really close to making sleeping through the night a habit.  The first time was at about 7 1/2 weeks and he slept from midnight to 6:45 am.  He consistently will sleep 4-5 hours at a stretch overnight now.
  • Thomas continues to do really well at getting himself to sleep.  I wake up, nurse him, burp him, and lay him down awake.  He might squirm and wiggle a bit, but he usually can manage to fall asleep on his own.
  • This boy is starting to get better and better at eating (sometimes 5 ounces at a time), but continues to struggle with pooping and gas.  Sometimes he will go for 3 days or more without having a bowel movement.  His little legs will be churning and pumping like crazy as he struggles with the tightness in his belly. 
  • Still nursing!  This is a big deal since I had quit nursing Micah already at the 2 month mark (I checked the blog to verify).  We're very proud of this accomplishment!
  • He is really good at this whole smiling thing. 

  • Apart from when he's gassy, he is a very quiet and calm baby.  He really hasn't even graduated to cooing yet.  We barely hear a peep out of him!
  • The mark on his right elbow has gotten significantly darker since we first noticed it a few days after his birth.  It's now a very dark red and is raised slightly off the skin.  At his checkup, we confirmed that it is a hemangioma and should fade on its own in a few years.
  • His eyes are still a bluish/gray so it's hard to tell yet what color his eyes will end up being.
  • No indication yet that he's planning on rolling over any time soon, but his neck is really strong!

We like him a lot.

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