Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Card

I'm pretty sure most of our Christmas cards have arrived in mailboxes now, so it's safe for me to post it on here.  Consider this my "Merry Christmas!" to all of you, from our family to yours.

Yes, I realize there is a typo on my Christmas cards.  No, I did not see it until after they were printed and in my hands.  At that point, I just had to suck it up and send them out anyway.  Don't think that wasn't difficult for me.

I sent out 60 cards this year, which is a ridiculous number for us.  I never send out that many, but I got my cards at such an affordable price, I was able to order more than usual.  I still found myself having to cut some people from the recipient list! 

I kept our costs down by designing the card using a free template from Becky Higgins and then having them printed on Mixbook, using a Groupon I bought a while back.  I was really pleased with the results!!

By the way, many of those fabulous photos were taken by my gal pal Jenn Van Wyk.  Gotta give props where they are due!

P.S.  Did you find the typo? 

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