Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project Life Wednesday - December Week One

Hello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday Wednesday! I am taking a photo every day in 2011 and putting them together in an album to create a unique keepsake of this year for our family.  Be sure to check in on what others are doing with their projects over at The Mom Creative!

Sunday, November 27th - Isaiah had a family quilt square due for preschool tomorrow, so I had to get cracking on getting it done.  I painted each boy's hand and had them put their print on the paper.  It worked out ok!

Monday, November 28th - Just shy of three months old.  Honestly, how cute is this baby.

Tuesday, November 29th - Don't tell the American Pediatric Association, but Micah turns into a bit of a zombie when he's watching something on TV he really likes. 

Wednesday, November 30th - The boys were my helpers with whipping up our first batch of Pretzel Hugs.  Oh my goodness, were they ever yummy.  Definitely will be making more.  Lots more.

Thursday, December 1st - I was interviewed for the local news this morning and the story ran on the 6:00 news tonight.  I was at work while it aired, but the kids really got a kick out of seeing Mommy and baby brother on TV! (click here to see the news story)

Friday, December 2nd - Oh, you know.  Just relaxing before nap time.

Saturday, December 3rd - I just love this half smile/smirk thing he does.  Just melts me.

Again, sorry for the delay this week!  Hopefully I can get my act together for next week.  Only a couple more weeks left of the photo-a-day format since I'm changing things up for Project Life 2012.  Almost there!

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