Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome WISC-TV viewers!

Hey y'all.  Yup, I just busted out a y'all despite the fact that I'm born and bred here in Wisconsin.  It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  Anyway, just wanted to say a big hello and welcome to those of you who are visiting The Arena Update for the first time after seeing our little story on WISC-TV news this evening.  It was so strange to be talking to a reporter about my normal life, my kids, and this blog.  Wild!

If you're looking for the post about the Craigslist scam, you can find it here.  As I mentioned in the segment, I did not fall for this scammer's tricks and I wrote about it so other people could also avoid being scammed.  This person has swindled people out of laptops, jewelry, cameras, and other valuable items.  Do NOT let them get away with your stuff or your money! 

There's lots more to explore while you're here.  I split my time between being a stay at home Mommy to three young boys and a waitress, so I always have something to talk about.  I blog about things like struggling to get my toddler to sleep, how we manage our finances, the Packers, making homemade baby food, adventures with my Crock Pot, and sometimes just about how being a parent is really hard and yet really amazing. 

I hope you'll find something you enjoy.  Thanks for being here!  And just for reading this entire post, here's a random cute photo of my little Thomas, who made his TV debut today!

Oh, and for those of you who didn't see the news, here's the link to the story (with video!) on the Channel 3000 website!

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