Monday, January 9, 2012


What's going on today?

The boys are in their bedroom for naptime....not napping.  This is nothing new to me at this point, but I've established the "quiet time" rule where they have to stay in their beds and stay quiet until I come in there to let them know that naptime is over. Every so often, this accidentally leads to them taking naps so I'm going to stick to it for a little while.

I've eaten only 11 points so far today.  2 for breakfast (fruit smoothie) and 9 for lunch (Lean Cuisine).  I'm feeling kind of hungry, so I'll probably have to go snag an apple or some carrot sticks.  The tummy's a rumblin'.  On the positive side, I cheated and stepped on the scale again this morning and I'm down another couple pounds!  I am this close to having lost 10 pounds already!

On the negative side, I feel like an 85 year old woman right now because I am so sore from working out on the Wii the last two days.  On "easy" mode.  It's really quite lame how out of shape I have let myself get.  What feels even more lame is having to brace myself in order to sit down on the toilet because my muscles are so dadgum sore!!! 

Check out what's on my couch:

It's a pile of dang near every single toy that was previously in the toy basket in the living room.  For some reason, it suddenly became a game for Micah to pull a toy out of the basket and then give it to Isaiah, who would use hot dog tongs to transport that toy to the "garbage" (the couch) for disposal.  In retrospect, I probably should have had them clean that up before naptime.  I do like the little sun flare I caught in that photo though.

My dog isn't feeling well today.  I think he has another bladder stone like he had back in August.  It took him a couple days last time, but he was feeling much better by the time I actually got him to the vet.  She said there wouldn't really have been much they could have done for him anyway apart from easing the discomfort of the stone, so I guess we just leave him be and overdose on the love.  Poor pup.

I get to go over to my friend Jodi's house for a movie tonight.  I've been friends with Jodi for about 5 years and still have never been to her house.  Sad, huh?  She is just the most hard-working, busy person I know and she never has free time to just slow down and sit.  We had to plan this night a couple weeks in advance, just to make sure it would happen!  I also have to plan to save 13 points so I can have two of her amazing peanut butter & chocolate balls her husband makes, along with 3 points for my popcorn.

How's your Monday?

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