Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project Life Tuesday - Final Week of 2011!

Hello and welcome to Project Life Tuesday! We're finally at the last week of photos for the year of 2011 that I've been taking every single day for the entire year. Be sure to check in on what others are doing with their projects over at The Mom Creative!
Sunday, December 25th - Merry Christmas!  We arrived back home safe and sound and the boys got to tear into their last round of presents before we watched the Packer game. I think they're really going to enjoy their Boot Scoot Bikes come spring!
Monday, December 26th - Several people went in on this massive gift for the boys.  It was probably a total of 8 boxes or so that all went together to create this huge race car track for these remote control cars. Daddy helped them put it together and they are just in LOVE.
Tuesday, December 27th - And when they're not playing with their remote control cars, they're cuddled up on the couch staring at their new electronics. Since Isaiah got a Leap Pad for Christmas, Micah has been able to claim the Explorer and he is suddenly really into watching the letter factory video from Leap Frog on it. It gives me a solid five minutes of quiet some days!
Wednesday, December 28th - Fat Man's Christmas!  We went out to Joe and Jess's new house for the first time and celebrated another Christmas together as friends.  We've reached the point now where the number of kids is equal to the number of adults.  Scary to think that next year we might be outnumbered!
Thursday, December 29th - This is what happens when I am at work and I ask Evan to make sure to take a photo for me. He tells Isaiah to launch himself like a rocket and to "not tell Mommy!"
Friday, December 30th - Thomas will be four months old tomorrow already. I'm really glad I decided to do this monthly photo next to the teddy bear because it is already neat to see how much he has changed.
Saturday, December 31st - This is how we party on New Years Eve. Big boys in bed, Lord of the Rings in the DVD player. Yeehaw.
Whew!!  2011 is finished!  Well, at least it's finished on the blog.  :)  I am caught up through September in my actual Project Life album as far as writing the journaling cards goes.  I've been trying to tackle one month at a time in a sitting, so it shouldn't really take me too much longer to get caught up.
As for 2012, I'm taking a slightly different approach than I did in the last two years.  I have previously done the whole photo every day thing, but I'm finding it much more appealing to look at 2012 on more of a "per week" basis. There are just some days where you have a lot more going on and you get so many fabulous photos and it would be nice to feature more of them versus trying to force a photo for every single day.  The way I figure it, I just need to make sure I keep taking plenty of photos (not a problem) and to try to focus more on the small moments, the little things that make our life right now unique.  The kits for Project Life in 2012 are so different and I went slightly nuts with the products I picked, so I do have a lot more opportunities to be flexible with my album in the coming year.
Are you on Pinterest?  I've created a board on Pinterest of Project Life inspiration that I'd love to share with you and I'd be thrilled to see what you're finding inspiring!  Let's follow one another!  www.pinterest.com/slkooiman
Anyway, I'm going to keep trying to do Project Life Tuesday mostly just because it gives me a deadline to stay on top of my photos, but it's going to look very different.  Bear with me as I work through some trial and error to see what's going to work for me.
Happy 2012 and I wish you a very happy New Year!

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