Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sick Boys

Oh goodness, was it ever a long night last night.  Isaiah woke up at about 12:15 am just screaming.  I went into his room and found he had thrown up.  Of course it would be the kid in the top bunk who pukes all over his bed in the middle of the night.  Yup.

I was up with that boy until dang near 4:00 am and he just couldn't seem to stop vomiting.  In total, he heaved seven times.  He was running a fever too. Poor kid.  After he finally fell asleep on the little couch and I was able to doze a little on the side of the big couch he hadn't puked on, it seemed like only a moment passed before Micah was awake and running in to say "Good Morning!"  Shortly after, I discovered that Evan had called in sick to work because he too was feeling terrible.

So, Isaiah and Daddy's day looked a lot like this:

Meanwhile, I found myself running around somewhat more than usual because I had Isaiah on the couch using the forlorn sick voice to call things like, "Mooommmmyyyy??  Can I have water please??" at the very moment Thomas is crying from his crib, I have the dishwasher open and half emptied, and a cereal bowl sitting on the counter with not-so frozen blueberries waiting for me to finally get around to making the oatmeal to pour on top. 

Four loads of laundry, three meals, and one bathtime later....I walked back into the living room only to realize it still smelled like puke.  Then I discovered my stupid phone was dead and wasn't taking a charge, no matter which outlet I tried to plug it into. 

I think I may have earned a night off from the Wii workout because I've been running all day. 

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