Monday, February 27, 2012

25 for my 20s

My husband turned 30 while sitting in economy plus on a flight to Shanghai, thirty thousand feet in the air.  I couldn't help but feel bad for him that he had to spend such a milestone birthday trapped on a fourteen hour flight.  Sure, we had celebrated his birthday with his favorite pizza and a Packers cake a couple days before he left, but there's just something special about the actual birthday. 

In my case, I feel like I'm already 30.  Heck, I've had people guessing I was 30 or 31 years old for the past three years!  I have three kids, I've been married for dang near 8 years, and (from what these people tell me) I "have my head on straight."  I guess this means I come across as older?  Okidoke. 

Anyway, the reality is that I have about a year and half to go before hitting the milestone birthday of 30.  Yikes.  My online pal, Emily from The Pilot's Wife, wrote a great post called her "30 Things by 30" on her 28th birthday.  She gave herself two years to accomplish this list of things she had never done, but wanted to do before her 30th birthday.  I thought it was brilliant.

So I'm copying her.  :)

I only have a year and a half to go before my big 3-0 hits, so I'm only tackling a list of 25 things.  Since it's not quite as neat and tidy as a "30 by 30" list, let's call it....

25 Somethings for my 20s!

I know, it's not nearly as catchy as Emily's.  Oh well, the concept is still the same.  Some will be pretty easy, others will be tough, and others will take a lot of work to do.  Should be fun.

In no particular order, here is my list of 25 somethings I want to accomplish before my 20s are over:

1. Get a tattoo. (March 31, 2012)

2.  Fly somewhere.  Anywhere.

3.  Run a 5K. (March 17, 2013)

4.  Move to a brand new city. (August 2012)

5.  Join a gym. (October 2012)

6.  Reach my goal weight (140). (July 2012)

7.  Buy a pair of designer jeans to celebrate hitting my goal weight. (August 2012)

8.  Take my boys camping.

9.  Spend a weekend away with friends. (March 24, 2012)

10.  Take a vacation with my husband.  No kids allowed.

11.  Learn how to play chess without killing my husband my teacher.

12.  Get my wedding rings finished...finally. (May 25, 2012)

13.  Learn to shoot a handgun. (August 2012)

14.  Attend a Green Bay Packers football game.  (Yes, I've done this before, but not for many many many years.)

15.  Meet someone in "real life" that I only know from the Internet (who I haven't met already).

16.  Buy a swimming suit for the first time in years and actually wear it. (July 2012)

17.  Get a teaching job.

18.  Attend a music concert. (Concert on the Square and high school band recitals don't count.)

19.  Perform in a play.

20.  Take a photography class.

21.  Bake and decorate a cake for one of my kid's birthday.

22.  Take a trip with my sister.

23.  Plant a garden.

24.  Tackle a DIY project in our new house.

25.  Pay off and cut up our final credit card. (March 5, 2012)

There we are.  And.....GO!

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