Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Times with Shaving Cream and Baking Soda

Yup, I'll be the first to admit that I'm more than just a little obsessed with Pinterest.  I've found recipes galore, DIY ideas that I swear over and over that I will actually attempt someday, and oodles more amazing ideas. 

If you haven't yet started on Pinterest, you have two choices: 
1.  Run.  Run away now and save yourself. 
2.  Come to the dark side and kiss your free time goodbye.

In an afternoon of Pinterest inspired playtime, I busted out a couple science experiments for my kids.  Allow me to give myself a tiny round of golf clap style applause, because this is really out of the box for me.  I'm more of a "movie watching/book reading/lightsaber fighting/crayon coloring/music listening/car playing" kind of mom.  Rarely do I get all Super Mom like this and actually incorporate some science learnin' in with play time, but it certainly won't be the last time I attempt this.  The boys thought it rocked.

First up......COLORFUL MINI-VOLCANOES!!!  (Terrible name.  Must come up with something better.)

The cast of characters - vinegar, food coloring, baking tray, baking soda, eyedropper, little containers (I used baby bottle lids because that's what I had handy)

Pour a bunch of baking soda all over a tray and set up your little mini vinegar jars with food coloring.  Give your kid the eyedropper and let 'em go to town on creating little mini-volcanoes!  Isaiah really liked mixing colors to see what would happen.

And, once their teeny tiny little attention span begins to wane...

Activity Two:  MAKE IT RAIN!!

Cast of characters - A clear cup, water, shaving foam, food coloring

Pour some water in a cup and top it off with shaving foam.  I didn't actually having shaving foam, but I did have some fun Toy Story themed bath foam the kids have been playing with in the tub.  Worked just as well.  Explain that the foam is like a cloud.  Dye some water on the side blue and slowly pour it onto the "cloud," explaining that once it gets too heavy, it will rain!

Easy peasy, my friends.  These two experiments together accounted for a solid 35 minutes of fun with minimal fighting.  That's a success story in my book.

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