Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unfamiliar Territory

My baby won't eat.

I'm not really sure what to do here because I have never before been in a situation where my baby won't eat the food he's being offered.  Sure, he's picky as all get out now, but at one time Isaiah looked like this at mealtime:

And then there was Mr. Micah John who wanted to do nothing but eat his solid foods.  He shoveled it into his mouth with those chubby paws quicker than you could reload the spoon.

And now I have Thomas, who at five and a half months old wants absolutely nothing to do with that goofy crap on a spoon I keep trying to give him.

I've tried rice cereal.  I've tried the oatmeal.  I've tried mixing prunes in to give it some flavor.

Nuthin'.  The child won't even open his mouth.  And when I do manage to sneak some in there, he moves it around in his mouth a bit and then I get this:

Or better yet, this:

This is after repeated attempts with solid food for the last month, several times a week, at different times of day. He clamps his mouth closed and refuses to let me stick the spoon in there. 

What do I do?  Do I just keep trying with the rice cereal or oatmeal?  Perhaps I should just quit and wait until he's 6 months old and jump right into pureed foods?  Help!  I'm really stumped here about what course to take!

(P.S.  He's eating his formula from the bottle like a champ.  It's just the solid stuff he's taking issue with.)

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